Hyindoor Garden

USA Standard 4 Way Heavy Duty Hose Splitter Garden Irrigation Hose to Hose Connector Hose Faucet Valve Shut Off Connector

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  • Brand Name:Hyindoor
  • Type:Garden Hose Reels
  • Model Number:4 W Garden Hose Splitter
  • Garden Hose Reel Type:Empty Hose Reels
  • Standard:DIN
  • Material:Plastic
  • Feature:Anti-Corrosion
  • Plastic Type:PP
  • 3/4''  screw thread ,ANSI ,American Standard.
  • Material: Zinc Alloy + TPR  Never worry that the hose splitter will be rusted.
  • Size: 205*60*125mm


  •  Convert one tap into 4 and control your water flow easily.  
  •  Great solution for both indoors appliances and outdoors garden use. 
  •  Designed to last you a lifetime. 
  •  Faucet Y splitter, faucet shut-off valve, Y connector, Y splitter with shut-off valve. 
  •  Vital part of your backyard sink, gardening accessories or garage. 
  •  Divert water for your bar faucet, garage utility sink, fountain drip, water features, dog water lick and more. 
  •  Backyard and Gardening: Connect your digital water timer, drip irrigation, expandable hose, hose end tap timer, hose reel,
  • sprinkler system timer, and spray nozzle. 
  • Fix your home: split water in laundry room, basement, and bathroom sink. Attach hoses for washing machine, dishwasher, water cooler and bar. 
  • TPR cover will protect hands in extreme weather 
  • Compatible with shower faucets heavy-duty shutoff valves, solid heavy duty drinking bibs manifold adapters, quality
  • coupling fitting washers.