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Hps 600w Grow Lights Sodium Lamp

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Item Type Grow Lights
Brand Name Hyindoor
Power Source AC
Voltage 85-265V
Certification UL, CCC, CE
Body Material Glass
Is Dimmable Yes
Light Source Halogen Bulbs
Warranty 1 year
Model Number Mh 400W
Width 3 cm
Length 29 cm
Features HPS 600W

Signage lights:

  • The standard high-pressure sodium lamps emit orange / yellow color similar to the spectrum of the sun at midday, the type of light
  • Promoting the growth of flowers. However, the lack of blue light in the spectrum of the standard HPS lamps can sometimes make the plants stretch over
  • Vegetative growth stage. Super HPS lamps have a broader spectrum of blue, which makes a significant difference in plant growth. Grow
  • These lamps are available in 250.400, 430, 600, 750 and 1000 watts. The spectral distribution to 600 W super high pressure sodium lamps.


  •  The maximum blue light for vegetable growing strong
  •  Balanced orange-red light for stem elongation and flowering
  •  Mimic daylight
  •  Provide optimal spectral energy required for vegetative growth
  •  High ratio of red and blue spectral for a good photosynthetic efficiency
  •  Good lumen output for a high nominal value
  •  Robust plants with high blue light output
  •  High ratio of red light to healthy plant growth
  •  Long average life, high lumen output, low energy consumption


  •  efficient lighting growing in the greenhouse
  •  extend the additional lighting plant culture exterior
  •  aid for growing plants, horticulture and hydroponics industry