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Grow Tent 120*120*200CM Garden Hydroponics Grow Room Indoor Greenhouse (48*48*78 Inches)-Hyindoor

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  • Tube material: Aluminum Tube
  •  Size:  120*120*200cm  (48*48*78 Inches)
  • Connection Tube diameter: 16mm
  • Inner lining material: 100% Reflective Water-proof Mylar
  • Superior light blocking;Premium zippers;Double floor;Tool free assembly

• Professional grade - This premium, freestanding, built-to-last tent is perfect for use by all levels of growers; amateurs and pro's. Allows the growing environment to be controlled and manipulated as needed; open, close or vent system to adjust temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and light conditions.

• Premium material - Outer shell is constructed from commercial-grade (600D), puncture-resistant, waterproof, oxford nylon fabric. This material is completely non-toxic, and is also mildew and fire-resistant.

• Maximum reflection - Extremely efficient, highly-reflective interior allows plants to utilize all the supplied light without waste. Durable, fade-proof, advanced reflection surface is thermally adhered to the outer shell; will not separate or tear.   Surface is mildew and fire-resistant, non-toxic and washable.