Hyindoor Garden

Garden Water Sprinklers series connected Rotation 360 Lawn Irrigation System with Three Arm Lawn Sprinkler

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  • Brand Name:Hyindoor
  • Type:Garden Water Connectors
  • Model Number:series connected Garden Water Sprinklers
  • Garden Water Connector Type:Standard Connectors
  • Material:Plastic
  • Standard:ANSI
  • Plastic Type:ABS
  • Great coverage: Three 360-degree rotating arms with 12 built-in spraying nozzles; one single sprinkler covers 50-75 m⊃2; (538-807 sq. ft) with international standard water pressure; connect 2 or more sprinklers for broader coverage
  • Adjustable spraying angle: Adjust the spraying angles from 15°-45° to achieve your desired spraying effect; the 15° spraying angle rotates slowly and covers a smaller area while the 45° spraying angle rotates faster and covers a larger area
  • Anti-leak design: Brass water outlet features superior tightness, effectively avoiding leakage; guarantees stable water pressure to allow you to water your lawn and plants more efficiently
  • Easy to use: Simply connect the hose to the sprinkler to use; no complicated installation process; comes with 2 sprinklers and 2 male hose connectors