Hyindoor Garden

600W Metal Halide Lamp Sodium Lamp Sodium Lamp Plant Growth Lamp Set Argricultural Lamp

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  • Brand: Hyindoor 
  • Model: 600W
  • Voltage: 111V~240V (inclusive)
  • General purpose fitting type: lamp shade
  • External dimension :480x440MM


  • Package Includes:

    * 1x 600W High Pressure Sodium Bulb

    * 1x 600W Metal Halide Lamp 
    * 1x 600W Digital Electronic Ballast
    * 1x Parabolic Reflector*

    * 1 Set Hi-Low Yoyo Reflector Hanging kit (Free Gift)


  •  electronic ballast can be used with metal halide lamp or with high-pressure sodium lamp. 
  • The product has significant advantages:saving cost and reducing inventory.Give the user an extra choice! Luminous efficiency is high, its energy-saving features are very obvious, compared to inductance synthesis power saving 30%, and can extend the life of the bulb. 
  • Excellent lighting quality, wide range of current and voltage adaptation, small starting current, with a variety of abnormal situations under automatic protection. Widely used in all kinds of engineering lighting, station, airport, pier lighting, road, square lighting, building, landscape lighting, stadium lighting, advertising lighting, etc.
  • The lamp is installed by suspension, and the height is realized by the length of chain.Light source of 150-1000w metal halide lamp or high pressure sodium lamp.Reflectors are made of high purity concavo-convex aluminum plates.Connection is safe and reliable.The bulb ballast needs to be added.