Hyindoor Garden

15 Gallons Height 35 * Bottom Diamter 45cm Balcony Garden Pots Non Woven Planting Grow Bags With Handle

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Type Grow Bags
Brand Name Hyindoor
Material Plant Fiber
Model Number 15 gallon
  • 15 gallons planting bags
  • Size: High 35 * bottom 45CM
  • Color: black handle: 2
  • Material: 100% polyester Shape: Round
  • Good waterproof, air permeability, can bring the whole soil ball full of root,more uniform than the
  • Plastic salver.
  • Plant from seedling, but planted directly into the bag, no need to exchange the soil, after transplant,the development of the seeding is fast, low cost and big income.
  • Suitable to every soil,can be transplanted every moment,do not influence by the weather.
  • Convenient and easy to plant,can repeat to use every moment.
  • Durable for drought,and ventilate.
  • Color:black
  • Size:1 gallon,2 gallon,3 gallon,5 gallon,7gallon,10 gallon,15 gallon,20 gallon,
  • 25 gallon,30 gallon
  • (ten sizes you can choose from the drop down list)
  • Material:environmental non-woven fabrics.