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10pcs Lights Lifters Plant Yoyo with Stopper Hydroponics Grow Lights Reflector Hanger Retractable(5 pairs)

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Item Type Lights Lifter
Brand Name Hyindoor
Model Number YOYO
Type Hooks & Rails
Feature Eco-Friendly
Material Plastic
Use Tools

Plant Yoyo with Stopper - hydroponics grow light reflector hanger retractable

  • Quantity:sold in packs of 10.
  • Style:re-designed Yo-Yo model.
  • Protection:hang it above your plants to support the stems.
  • Function:Support your plants growth to desired size and weight.
  • Length:gentle on plants and the Yo-Yo string is 60" and retractable
Plant Yoyo With Stopper is easy to support your plants. When attached to an area above the plant, its line lightly hooks to a stem or branch to prevent it from falling or leaning. As the plant grows taller, the line retracts while continuing to gently hold the plant up. It comes with plastic stopper to secure the string at the desired length. Alternately, you can use the included plastic stopper to keep the 60" line at a static length.