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1050-400Watts Hydroponic Adjustable Dimmable Electronic Ballasts with Remote Control for Indoor Grow Lights

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Item Type Ballasts
Brand Name None
Matched Tube T5
Ballast Electronic
Warranty 2year
Power Factor Compensation Active
Features HID
Model Number remote
  • IR remote control: two infrared emission, wide angle, long distance, low probability of interception, one-to-many control.
  • Stepless dimming: from 400W to 1050W without exact phase.
  • Multi-mode timer: programmed "ON/OFF" model, control with immbeded sun model.
  • Real-time checking: show input power, input current, output power, body temperature, etc.
  • Networking function: control as many as 64pcs ballast on net, adjust ballast quantities at any time. 
  • Protection on over-voltage, short-voltage, open/short circuit, lamp lifespan, recovery from over-temperature.