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1 pair Horticulture 1/4"Lights Lifters Grow Lights Rope Hanger Ratchets for Reflector Hood

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tem Type Lights Lifter
Brand Name Hyindoor
Model Number 1/4 Grow Light Hangers
Type Hooks & Rails
Feature Eco-Friendly
Material Plastic
Use Tools

1/8" Grow Light Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Reflector Hanger

Quantity:sold in packs of 10.Style:re-designed Yo-Yo model.Protection:hang it above your plants to support the stems.Function:Support your plants growth to desired size and weight.Length:gentle on plants and the Yo-Yo string is 60" and retractable

How to use Ratchet Rope:

Pull loose side rope to adjust your item up, then push to lock in place, and push to release or lower your item.