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6 Tiers Diameter 90cm Folding drying wire nets large network Dried tea drying basket for drying flowers and herbs dismantle

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Brand Name Hyindoor
Model Number HY-DN
Material Network
Clothing Type Clothes
Product Craftwork Note Clamp
Use Neatening/Storage
Lifting Method Hand-Held
Style Folding
Length 60cm
Type Round


  •    Foldable, small size, does not occupy space, breathable, dry, smooth;
  •    6-layer design, buckle design, can be layered use
  •    Expand each 10CM depth, diameter 900MM
  •    Windbreaks around edge design,
  •    When drying clothes, can effectively prevent the matter tissue damage and       deformation
  •    Product not, folded, placed outside the bag, save more convenient
  •    For good drying of hay, seeds, tea, herbs, etc., it is also very square cheap,       flexible!
  •    Materil:Food grade non TOXIC NYLON
Drying racks stretch wrapping is pure steel (6 floors * 2 / layer) Total 12 steel support, very strong and durable to withstand the force super!